95% Of Business Owners Believe Their Businesses Should Be Generating 3X, 5X Or Even 10X More Profits! Do You Agree?
Business Keeping You Up At Night?
Free Workshop Reveals 5 Step Formula Any Business Can Use For Doubling, Tripling Or Even Quadrupling Profits...
(Without Increasing Overheads, Efforts Or Headaches...)
(And claim your business growth gifts worth over $2,500...)
Let’s cut to the chase. If:
- You’re very unhappy (maybe even disgusted) with the revenues and profits (or lack of) in your business right now.

- You’re interested in doing LESS work—especially less HARD WORK—but attract better customers and clients and make MORE money.

- You hate being pigeon-holed, having to deal with competitors slashing their prices and want to sell your products or services at their full and fair value, without losing business to under cutters.

- You know you’ve got a truly outstanding product or service, with the ability to impact and help a LOT of people but the marketing processes you’re using right now just aren’t working as well as you need them to.

- Or worse yet, you are truly a standout in what you provide but…know one knows who you are!

…then the answer is YES. 

You should ABSOLUTELY register and attend our FREE ‘Profits On Demand’ Workshop on XY January 2018 in Hotel Scottsdale.
The harsh reality
Too many business owners, coaches, consultants, trainers and professional service providers are running themselves into the ground trying to generate more cash using all the wrong methods that the so-called “experts” have convinced them are right.

We call this, blind archery. You are trying to hit a target with a blindfold on. Sorry, it’s not going to happen.

If you are one of them—or if you just know in your heart that you should be attracting more clients, helping more people and making more money and having a better time doing it— then this will be the most important workshop you ever attend…

What you'll learn...
  •   The NUMBER 1 Question You Need To Ask (And Answer) To Determine If Your Business is Even a REAL Business or a Just a Low Reward High-Pressure Job
  •  The BIG Unprofitable Mistake Google, Facebook and Other Social Media Giants Don't Want You To Know That's Costing You Thousands Or Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Every Year
  •  The THREE Big Myths Marketing Agencies and Snake Oil Charlatans Want You To Believe That's Crippling Your Business and Strangling Your Profits...
  •  The Simple Four Step Process For Selling Anything To Anyone (At Much Higher Prices Than Your Fiercest Competitors) Even In A Down Economy...
  •  The Little Known and Under-Used Customer Getting and Keeping Goldmine (Your Competitors Don't Know About) For Finding and Attracting The Most Profitable High Paying Customers...
  •   The 2 Pronged Approach To At Least Doubling Your Business With Less Work, Less Headaches, and Fewer Customers...
Essentially you'll discover how to turn your business into a profit-generating machine by doing less (not more) combining time-tested fundamental marketing strategy with cutting-edge tactics of what’s working now…

AND back alley “secrets” only the hard core, been there done that entrepreneurs know that will have your competitors scratching their heads in disbelief at your “sudden” success.

This exclusive live seminar will be presented NOT by a hired pitchman but by one of the Wolf Groups principal owners.

This workshop will also NOT be pitch fest and nothing will be for sale so leave your checkbook and credit card at home.
Date, Time & Location
Wednesday, Feb 7 2018
 7:00 p.m. to 9.30pm
Four Points By Sheraton Phoenix 
South Mountain , 10831 South 51st Street, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Saturday, Feb 10 2018 
9:00 a.m. to 12:00pm
Hilton Garden Inn, Scottsdale Old Town , 7324 Indian School Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251
"Surpassed my expectations so much that I am in awe (I have never used that word in my life). One of the most helpful contacts I have ever had with any marketing consultant"
Business Owner
Lee Parratt
"John provides quality information for anyone who is in business, or looking to get into business, concerning their marketing efforts. It is amazing what little changes they teach can do for a business."
Business Owner
Brian Whitesides
"Really helpful, broke everything down into simple to understand, bite sized chunks that helped me get over the fear of marketing."
Business Owner
Pól Murray
"Helped me close sales and increase revenue for my business. John's in depth knowledge of marketing and his easy to apply systems are a huge benefit to any business needing a boost. Highly recommended."
Business Owner
Don Neachtain
"Taught me to think out side the box, how to build a system, once it is done all you have to do when you need it again is switch it on. I have got a lot of new clients with the new ad campaign that we have been working on. Now I have a system in place I can just use this over and over again."
Business Owner
Christina Dillon
"At last someone has made an easy actionable blueprint for success, in any niche, without all the fluff and BS. John has made it fail proof not to succeed in business, but only if you get off your butt and put in the action."
Business Owner
Kevin Long
If you want to make your life better, happier, and wealthier than ever before then register now...
(And claim your business growth gifts worth over $2,500...)
NOT another damn seminar…
The last thing I would want is: another seminar. I wouldn’t want to sit through one myself (given how those “Guru’s” run seminars), so I certainly do not want to inflict one on you either.

We’ve all got better things to be doing. Here’s why this is not an ordinary seminar, not in the least. Most seminars end when you leave the room with ideas that dissolve into ether and motivation that fizzles away, so truth be told, in a few days you return to your routine just as it was before.

Myself, Jim and the WBG team intend a very different result and are engineering this one day, exclusive training so that you make definitive, decisions as we proceed.

You'll be given actual examples of every key strategy to model, and depart with a transformational plan, including short term, medium term and long term implementation i.e. in days and weeks, in a few months, in many months.

I’d also like to remind you that I’ve been leading the charge against everything that is wrong with the maketing world for quite some time and I always, always have your best interests at heart and would never offer you something that wasn’t genuinely designed to make your life better, make you happier, and wealthier than ever before.

That is the golden secret that most if not all “gurus” leave out. Our goal is to do EVERYTHING we can for those we choose to work with to become hugely successful. Why? Because it makes us money!  
5 ways this is Profoundly Different than any event you’ve attended...
  •   It’s being presented by business experts, who have a proven TRACK RECORD, not pretend, only after your money charlatans who would sell their own mothers for a warm meal...
  •  Our approach is a very unusual, nontraditional, abnormal, contrarian, B.S. free approach to the business of attracting high paying, enjoyable clients and customers.
  •  This isn’t some pitch fest where we’ll hammer you to death with a worthless offer designed only for own benefit .
  •  This event will be showcasing ACTUAL STRATEGIES you can use to 2x, 3x, 5x or even 10x your business.
  •  This event is FREE – we only ask for your commitment of time, focus and energy on the day.
No ordinary event...
You are in for something quite different, more provocative and more rewarding than any ‘seminar’ you’ve gone to before…  It’s for that reason that we provide this remarkable guarantee…

So, in inviting you to our exclusive invitation only, profits on demand workshop, may we offer you our most brazen, daring, bold GUARANTEE of our entire combined 40+ years career?

If by the end of this Profits On Demand workshop, you feel we’ve failed to uncover, reveal and hand over to you real, bonafide business growth and marketing secrets secrets potentially worth thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to you, and more pathways to peace of mind and security in these stormy times…

If you Attend this ‘unlike anything you’ve attended before’ workshop and feel if you’ve been misled, misinformed or you feel that we have completely wasted your time, we’ll refund any and all documented travel, gas, airfare and hotel expenses you’ve invested to attend…

Listen it takes nerves of steel to make that offer.

Try and find anyone else offering any other FREE seminar who dares does the same. I want you to laugh while others cower.

Bluntly, 2018, and 2019 and maybe even 2020 promise to be hard- scrabble tough for many business owners. You can literally smell their fear already. You will hear their pain. You will see them retreat, downsize, down scale. Many within sights of some goal, be it early retirement, financial freedom, will see that goal disappear in front them.

And because, they’ll be working with a rusted tool box of old, ordinary strategies they’ll be powerless to do anything about it.

While misery loves company, there’s no law that says you must join them!

This is the time to learn from the REAL DEAL experts who do what most cannot conceive and believe let alone achieve, and put our secrets to work for you.

And that is what my event will deliver – that only it can.
If you want to make your life better, happier, and wealthier than ever before then register now...
(And claim your business growth gifts worth over $2,500...)
Brought to you by WBG
The Wolf Business Group are the go-to experts for businesses who want to achieve massive growth and profits without all the hype, nonsense, and B.S.

Consisting of a world-class team of experts, multi bestselling business authors and strategists they have the tools, systems, and resources to help ANY business double, triple or even quadruple profits. 

With offices across the US and Europe, they’re the hidden geniuses behind businesses thriving in the new economy.
Meet your hosts...
John Mulry is an award winning, Dan Kennedy-trained trusted marketing advisor, international speaker, and multi-bestselling author with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing.

Author of six books, and creator of the Expert Authority Formula and Adtraction Formula he helps business owners double their profits without doubling their overheads, efforts or headaches.
His books, courses and done for you programs have been consumed in almost every continent and are built on the bedrock of fundamentals, not here today, gone tomorrow tactics or fads. 

From the tribal city of Galway, Ireland, when he's not weaving his 'marketing maverick' magic he's relaxing with his family and three dogs Sam, Baxter and Oscar.
Jim Toner, is a 28 year, in the trenches entrepreneur. Having created a number of multi-million dollar companies, Jim knows the harsh realities of what it takes to survive in today’s marketplace.

He has spoken throughout the country on the value of intelligent real estate investing and has appeared with the likes of Frank McKinney, Bill Bartmann, Sharon Lechter, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, and many more.

Author of the highly acclaimed book The Consumer's Guide to Investment Real Estate and Co Author of the bestselling book Send in The Wolves, his is an active philanthropist having been nationally recognized for his work with veterans and the homeless.

He is an active member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation as well on the Advisory Board Chair of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Salvation Army branch.
About Wolf Business Group
The Wolf Business Group Are The Go To Experts For Businesses Who Want To Achieve Massive Growth And Profits Without All The Hype, Nonsense And B.S. Consisting of a world class team of experts, multi best-selling business authors and strategists they have the tools, systems and resources to help ANY business double, triple or even quadruple profits. With offices across the US and Europe they’re the hidden geniuses behind businesses thriving in the new economy.
We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, and an expectancy of success rather than failure. By law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Thanks for stopping by.
Are You in the Right Place?
For the right people, what we have to share with you are worth potentially millions. For the wrong people…they are worthless. 
  • If it concerns you to be learning from someone who has both made and lost millions of dollars, we are NOT for you...
  •  If it concerns you to deal with someone who has seen the real and ugly side of business, we are NOT for you... 
  •  If it concerns you to deal with someone who has no interest in anything other than results when it comes to business, we are NOT for you...
  • If however you're willing to run through walls to learn from someone that can generate massive profits on demand, we ARE for you... 
  •  If you are chomping at the bit to get around someone that can automate your business, skyrocket your revenues all the while making you and your customers / clients happy, we ARE for you..
  •  If you're dis-illusioned with your business, fed up with all the sh*tty advice out there, don't have anywhere to turn when times or good and when times are bad, then we ARE for you...
  •   If you are interested in THE ANSWER, then we ARE for you...
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