95% Of Business Owners Believe Their Businesses Should Be Generating 3X, 5X Or Even 10X More Profits! Do You Agree?
Results, Cashflow And Profits...
Over and over entrepreneurs who build highly profitable businesses find themselves bereft and penniless as a result of poor (or downright sh*tty) advice, lack of systems, haphazard mud against the wall advertising, needy and indulgent family members, impatience, over confidence and ego…

We should know, we suffered from all those things and one of us paid the worst price possible... total wipeout... that was then, this is now...  This isn't about us though, it's about you...

Whether you are a Doctor, Attorney or just a small business owner, RESULTS are all that really matter in business.  What brings those results both good and bad is your marketing.

YOU are in the MARKETING business. You are not a Doctor, or Attorney or Contractor or whatever else you “title” may be. Those titles are just your “Widget” as we say. What you really MUST be is a marketer. You can be the best whatever you are in the world but if no one knows about you, well then, it doesn’t really matter how good you are now does it.


Not just ANY marketing produces great results. Most produce marginal results at best.  To obtain GREAT outcomes for your business, you need something special.

How we can help.
When the goal is to dominate your market space, you need to answer this very important question :

WHY, would someone choose to YOU over my competitors?

Random acts on social media, spray and pray marketing efforts or being at the whim and mercy of blood sucking advertisng agencies (who care only about their own profits) isn't the answer.

To us there's only TWO kinds of marketing - EFFECTIVE or ineffective.

We help you create, build and launch:

A marketing system that places NO DOUBT that YOU, are the only choice for your client…now and forever.

A marketing system that eliminates price objections.

One that allows you to comfortably, confidently command and receive premium pricing for your services.

A marketing system that brings a steady flow of clients both new and returning into your business.

A marketing system that not only builds your business…but builds you a very valuable asset that secures your future when you are ready to call it a day.
We're a different breed.
We create and implement systems and strategies that position YOU as the go to expert in your field thereby eliminating the worries of obtaining and keeping clients. 

By using extremely successful “old school” strategies, the latest in internet marketing, and good ole fashioned proven in the trenches techniques we are able to position our clients in such a manner that clients seek them out as opposed to the other way around.

Backed by over 40 years of experience, 7 best-selling books and endorsements from some of the biggest names in sales and marketing, we deliver the only thing that really counts in business…. 


Welcome to our site. You have landed on what's possibly your very own personal gold mine.

We say possibly not doubting what we can do for you, but say it because we don’t know you (yet).

We think we know you more than you realize, but knowing the YOU it will take to get what you claim you want will most likely be answered by the time you’re done reading this page, watching our training, reading our Amazon #1 Best-selling book and scheduling your 'profits on demand' session.

For the right people, what we have to share with you are worth potentially millions.

For the wrong people…they are worthless.
Schedule a Profit Breakthrough Session and get a tailored 'Profits On Demand' plan for your business.
Learn how you can (at least) Double Your Profits Without Doubling Overheads, Efforts Or Headaches.
Get a compliemtary copy of our ground-breaking, BS-free, Amazon #1 best-selling book Send in the Wolves
"Surpassed my expectations so much that I am in awe (I have never used that word in my life). One of the most helpful contacts I have ever had with any marketing consultant"
Business Owner
Lee Parratt
"John provides quality information for anyone who is in business, or looking to get into business, concerning their marketing efforts. It is amazing what little changes they teach can do for a business."
Business Owner
Brian Whitesides
"Really helpful, broke everything down into simple to understand, bite sized chunks that helped me get over the fear of marketing."
Business Owner
Pól Murray
"Helped me close sales and increase revenue for my business. John's in depth knowledge of marketing and his easy to apply systems are a huge benefit to any business needing a boost. Highly recommended."
Business Owner
Don Neachtain
"Taught me to think out side the box, how to build a system, once it is done all you have to do when you need it again is switch it on. I have got a lot of new clients with the new ad campaign that we have been working on. Now I have a system in place I can just use this over and over again."
Business Owner
Christina Dillon
"At last someone has made an easy actionable blueprint for success, in any niche, without all the fluff and BS. John has made it fail proof not to succeed in business, but only if you get off your butt and put in the action."
Business Owner
Kevin Long
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Send in the Wolves
When Profits Matter...
Are You in the Right Place?
For the right people, what we have to share with you are worth potentially millions. For the wrong people…they are worthless. 
  • If it concerns you to be learning from someone who has both made and lost millions of dollars, we are NOT for you...
  •  If it concerns you to deal with someone who has seen the real and ugly side of business, we are NOT for you... 
  •  If it concerns you to deal with someone who has no interest in anything other than results when it comes to business, we are NOT for you...
  • If however you're willing to run through walls to learn from someone that can generate massive profits on demand, we ARE for you... 
  •  If you are chomping at the bit to get around someone that can automate your business, skyrocket your revenues all the while making you and your customers / clients happy, we ARE for you..
  •  If you're dis-illusioned with your business, fed up with all the sh*tty advice out there, don't have anywhere to turn when times or good and when times are bad, then we ARE for you...
  •   If you are interested in THE ANSWER, then we ARE for you...
About Wolf Business Group
The Wolf Business Group Are The Go To Experts For Businesses Who Want To Achieve Massive Growth And Profits Without All The Hype, Nonsense And B.S. Consisting of a world class team of experts, multi best-selling business authors and strategists they have the tools, systems and resources to help ANY business double, triple or even quadruple profits. With offices across the US and Europe they’re the hidden geniuses behind businesses thriving in the new economy.
We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, and an expectancy of success rather than failure. By law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Thanks for stopping by.
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